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Grasevina wine from Croatia is a fresh dry white wine with a light pleasant aroma and a taste of honey and apple. Most popular and most drunk wine from Croatia.

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GraĆĄevina from Croatia
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GraĆĄevina in brief

  • Most drunk and most popular wine from Croatia
  • fresh, fruity, Dry wine with slightly aromatic taste
  • Dry and young wine, with a light yellow color showing green apple and citrus notes
  • GraĆĄevina also goes well with soft and light cheeses, such as brie and young cheeses
  • light pleasant aroma of green apples, honey and a touch of citrus
  • Excellent as a good start to a meal or as a refrigerated aperitif
  • Ideal as an addition to summer dishes such as mussels, oysters, salads and of course meats and cheeses

Graơevina is one of the most popular white wines from Croatia and is often regarded as the “Croatian Chardonnay“. It is a clear, fresh wine with a delicate taste of citrus, apple and pear. It has a nice balance between acidity and sweetness, making it an ideal wine for a nice summer day or a dinner.

GraĆĄevina is the best known Croatian wine. It's a dry one White wine which is made of GraĆĄevinagrapes, which are harvested in September and October. GraĆĄevina is a popular wine in Croatia and also gaining popularity abroad. If you are looking for a delicious dry White wine to try, then definitely try graĆĄevina!

Pleasant aroma's from GraĆĄevina

  • Peach
  • Peer
  • fresh apples
  • white plums
  • Mango
  • A touch of honey aroma
  • Citrus fruits
  • Pleasant show from minerals

Pleasantly fresh and dry

Graơevina wine is a pleasant fresh dry White wine† It is made from the grape of the same name. It is also an ideal summer wine. In addition, it has a straw-like color with a light green tint, a fresh, light pleasant aroma and a semi-dry taste of honey and apple. This variant is a 'Vrhunsk vino'. That is the Croatian name for top quality wine. The real wine connoisseurs therefore opt for a 'quality wine'. A delicious wine for the real connoisseur.

With which gerecht to combine?

Graƥevina is ideal for special occasions. But also to enjoy as a daily treat. Recommended to enjoy as a daily treat and special occasions. It goes great with screw, salads, white meat, seafood shellfish. This one is the best cool served at a temperature between 10-12 °C. It is best to store this wine in a wine cellar or a special wine fridge where the climate is optimal.

In the warm years, the aroma a little. This gives the wine a flavor profile of exotic fruit. However, if the harvest is later in the year, the sugar content of the GraĆĄevina also a bit higher. This will give it more aromaContains abundant flowers and honey. This late ripening gives it a characteristic taste. For example, it has a specific sharp and a semi-bitter full aftertaste.

Did you know that the GraĆĄevina?

GraĆĄevina with wood aging:

  • buttery
  • Biscuit
  • vanilla
  • Toast
  • mushrooms

AROMA's as it gets older:

  • Almond
  • Walnuts
  • Hazelnut

Properties of GraĆĄevina wines

  • GraĆĄevina contains balanced wine acids
  • Every grasevina wine is pleasantly soft
  • Long-life grasevina gives a bright yellow to pale gold color
  • The taste differs per wine region
  • Neutral aroma: tastes adapts to the place where it grows
  • Combine with many different dishes
  • Fresher variant goes well with salads and shellfish shellfish
  • A full, round variant is better suited with creamy fish or sauces
  • Wood-aged variant is ideal with smoked ones screw of kip

The regions of GraĆĄevina

Despite some misunderstandings about the potency of GraĆĄevina grapes, this grape variety is able to achieve very good quality in the right regions with the right soil. In Croatia there are three regions in which the grape can be grown excellently, namely the Baranja, Erdut and Ilok, all adjacent to the Danube river and Kutjevo in the center of Slavonia.

Thanks to the fertile soil consisting of thick layers of loess (aeolian deposit of silt) along the Danube and the summer heat is can the GraĆĄevina grape thrive here.

As a result, the GraĆĄevina grape from the Brananja region (North-East of Croatia) has a stronger concentration sugars and alcohol. A little further south along the Danubein Erdut and Ilok are the aroma's of the GraĆĄevina grapes a bit fresher and are the acids a bit higher, which also makes the wines from this area a bit more aromatic and lighter.

The abundance of aroma's of the grapes is something in which the Kutjevo region excels, it therefore has a different structure than the GraĆĄevina wine from the Baranja region. Thanks to the hills of Kutjevo, the GraĆĄevina here a perfect acidity ratio, which makes it reminiscent of juicy apples.

GraĆĄevina is very popular in Croatia

It is one of the most important White wine from Croatia. It is mainly made in the interior of Croatia. Furthermore, it is often associated with the Welschriesling. But research has shown that this grape is an independent native grape variety of Croatia. It has nothing to do with the German Riesling.

The grape ripens quite late in the season. This gives it a fresh, slightly aromatic taste. That is why it is known for the pleasant minerality† It has the mild tones of stone fruit, citrus and blossom and is therefore good as an aperitif.

Characteristic taste of GraĆĄevina grapes

In the warm years, the aroma just change it a bit to give it more of an exotic fruit flavor. If the harvest is later in the year, the sugar content of the GraĆĄevina also a bit higher making it more aroma's contains of abundant flowers and honey. The characteristic taste is that it has a specifically sharp and semi-bitter full aftertaste.

In summary, it is one of the most sought after and most widely planted grape variety in Croatia. It thrives in cooler soils and in a continental climate. If you like wine like the Chenin Blanc, then the GraĆĄevina not missing from the wine list. This special wine from the winery Erdut comes from the east of the Croatian region Podunavlje in Slavonia.

In conclusion: more information about this grape.

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58 reviews for GraĆĄevina top quality

  1. Leon -

    The wine has a yellow color and a lively nose of citrus, green apple and subtle floral notes. On the palate, the wine is lively and refreshing, with a delicate acidity that balances perfectly with the fruity flavours. Grasevina is a versatile wine that can be enjoyed on its own as well as with lighter dishes and salads, and is an excellent choice for a summer day on the patio or garden.

  2. Nancy -

    I recently had the pleasure of trying this Grasevina wine and I must say I am pleasantly surprised! As a wine lover, I have already tried many different types of wines, but this Croatian white wine really impressed me.

    The first thing I noticed was the clear, straw yellow color of the wine in the glass. It invited me to take a sip and I was immediately enchanted by its refreshing and vibrant taste. The Grasevina wine has a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, making it a very accessible and versatile wine.

    What I especially appreciated about this wine was the complexity of the taste. With every sip I discovered new layers of fruity aromas, such as juicy peach, ripe apple and a hint of citrus. These aromas were beautifully complemented by subtle floral notes, giving a wonderful aroma to the wine.

    The aftertaste of the Grasevina wine was also impressive. It had a nice length and ended with a slight spiciness that left me wanting more. I also noted that the wine paired well with a variety of dishes, including salads, seafood, and poultry. It was a truly versatile wine that took any meal to the next level.

    When it comes to value for money, Grasevina wine is definitely a winner. It offers an excellent taste experience for a very reasonable price. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to both wine connoisseurs and novice wine enthusiasts looking for something new and exciting.

    All in all, my experience with Grasevina wine was extremely positive. It is a wine that surprised and enchanted me with its delicious flavor profile and versatility. Cheers to Grasevina wine, a true discovery!

  3. Lara -

    Absolutely enchanted by the Grasevina wine from Erdut! This wine has truly captured my senses with its mouth-watering flavor profile and refined character. The clear, golden yellow color already invites you to an unforgettable experience. At the first sip I was greeted by a harmonious balance of fresh citrus notes and a subtle hint of exotic fruit.

    The wine dances lightly on the tongue, revealing a refined acidity perfectly balanced by an elegant freshness. What really sets this Grasevina wine apart is its wonderful ability to be both refined and accessible.

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