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Wine at Vitello Tonnato

Wine with vitello tonnato is a wonderful combination

Wine with vitello tonnato is a frequently used combination. When pairing wine with vitello tonnato, there are a few things to keep in mind. Vitello tonnato is Italian gerecht of sliced ​​veal topped with a creamy, mayonnaise-like sauce seasoned with tuna.

Vitello tonnato is originally Italian gerecht that is sure to tantalize any diner's taste buds. It consists of veal, thinly sliced ​​and served cold, with a creamy tuna sauce. It can be served as an appetizer as well as a main course. It may sound like a strange combination of flavors at first glance, but the delicate marriage of meaty veal and rich tuna sauce makes for a perfect combination. A good wine with vitello tonnato will enhance the flavors of it gerecht improve.

Vitello Tonnato goes well with a glass of wine
Vitello Tonnato goes well with a glass of wine

Originated from Vitello tonnato

The origin of it gerecht is often placed in the Piedmontese city of Cuneo, but its origin is also claimed by the regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia. Vitello tonnato is a classic Italian gerecht that has been cherished by family and friends for generations. It consists of succulent pieces of veal, thinly sliced ​​and served cold with a creamy, mayonnaise-based tuna sauce. About the exact origin of this gerecht is strongly disputed – some claim it originated in Cuneo, Piedmont, while others trace its roots back to Emilia, Lombardy or Veneto.

This traditional recipe requires the use of quality ingredients; the most important are tender cuts of veal. The meat is grilled over high heat until tender and then cut into thin strips that are placed on a platter or serving platter. The accompanying sauce adds flavor and moisture to the meat – a mixture of mayonnaise, lemon juice, tuna and various herbs such as capers, anchovies and parsley are combined to form a light yet flavourful sauce.

This sauce can be poured over the veal before serving or used as a dipping sauce on the side. A well-chosen wine with vitello tonnato can help to bring out the tuna sauce even better, improving the taste of the tender veal and enhancing the overall taste experience.

Vitello tonnato culinary recipe



  • 600 g veal shoulder
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 onion, halved but not peeled
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 5 cloves
  • 6 black peppercorns
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 500ml White wine
  • 1,5 liters of water


  • 100 g canned tuna olive oil, leaked
  • 60 g capers, drained
  • 4 anchovy fillets
  • 4 eggs, hard boiled
  • 1 lemon, juice only
  • black pepper, to taste
  • 150ml extra virgin olive oil


  1. Place the meat in a large saucepan with the carrot, onion, celery, garlic, cloves, peppercorns, bay leaves and salt. Pour the White wine over the meat, cover and let the meat marinate for about half an hour. Add the water and let it boil before turning the heat down to minimum and let it cook for about 1 and 1/2 hours.
  2. Remove the meat from the water and let it cool completely. Keep the water separate.
  3. While the meat is cooking you can prepare the tuna sauce. Place the tuna, capers, anchovy fillets and egg yolks in a mixer and mix for about 30 seconds, then add the lemon juice and mix for a further 10 seconds before adding a pinch of black pepper.
  4. Set the mixer to the lowest speed and slowly add the olive oil until the sauce has the consistency of mayonnaise.
  5. Cut the meat into thin slices, pour over the sauce and prepare gerecht off with some capers.

It takes some time to make a good vitello tonnato, but then you have one of the tastiest vitello tonnato dishes that you can finish with delicious wine with vitello tonnato.

Culinary recipe from Vitello tonnato
Culinary recipe from Vitello Tonnato

Served cold

Vitello tonnato is served cold, making it suitable for hot summer days when time in the kitchen is minimal and people still long for something tasty. It's also a great choice for entertaining because it can be prepared ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Vitello tonnato is not only flavorful and convenient, but it also offers many health benefits; the combination of protein-rich veal and the heart-healthy fatty acids from tuna make it both nutritious and satisfying. A perfectly chosen wine with vitello tonnato can not only contribute to the taste experience, but can also be a healthy addition to the nutritional value of the gerecht. For example, a light and fruity one Red wine, such as a Pinot Noir, replenish the proteins present and strengthen the healthy fatty acids of the tuna sauce.

Vitello tonnato is an essential part of any Italian meal and will delight even the most demanding gourmet or home cook! Whether served at an intimate gathering or a large family reunion, this timeless classic is sure to please anyone who tastes its delicious flavor. And with the right wine with vitello tonnato, the taste experience becomes complete and even more memorable.

Serving suggestion Vitello Tonnato
Serving suggestion Vitello Tonnato

A beloved Italian gerecht

Vitello tonnato is one of the most loved Italian dishes, and for good reason. This gerecht consists of delicious slices of tender veal topped with a delicious creamy tuna-based sauce. Whether eaten on a warm summer day or a crisp winter evening, the combination of savory meats with a cool ocean-scented sauce creates an invigorating and refreshing taste experience that cannot be beaten. And if you want to enhance this taste sensation, you can opt for a dry, White wine at vitello tonnato, such as a Pinot Grigio, which perfectly complements the fresh tuna sauce and the gerecht elevated even further.

Although this is classic Italian gerecht often on the menu in American restaurants, they are usually not quite up to the original. The sauce lacks the complex texture and flavor of its Italian counterpart; it looks more like mayonnaise with tuna than the real thing. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to create a recipe that comes as close as possible to the classic vitello tonnato that we crave so much. And with a delicious glass of Italian wine at vitello tonnato, such as a Vermentino from Tuscany, we can imagine ourselves in the heart of Italy and enjoy an authentic taste experience.

When making our version of this delicious recipe, we pay attention to every detail to get it just right. We start by selecting the freshest and highest quality cuts of veal, thinly slicing them and then cooking them until they reach the perfect tenderness – not too tough, yet firm enough not to get soggy when mixed with the sauce. covered. The next step is to prepare our homemade version of the classic tuna-based sauce: a combination of olive oil, fresh lemon juice, capers and fragrant herbs all come together in this silky concoction that is guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds! When everything is well cooked and combined, we serve our delicious vitello tonnato with some freshly squeezed lemon wedges on top for extra zest

Or you this gerecht whether you like to make your own or prefer to order it from a restaurant menu, vitello tonnato ensures pleasure in every season. The combination of succulent meat with the deliciously complex sauce makes for an unforgettable dining experience - one that is sure to leave you wanting more!

Wine with vitello tonnato

The best wine pairing for Vitello Tonnato depends on how it is served. If it is used as a starter, a sparkling wine is an excellent accompaniment. The bubbles help cut through the rich tuna mayonnaise and bring out the sweetness of the capers. As a main course, it is best to combine Vitello Tonnato with a fresh one White wine as Graševina of Pinot Grigio from the winery Erdutski Vinograd .

Who this gerecht want to combine with a suitable wine with vitello tonnato can look for light white wines with subtle fruit notes such as Posip, dry Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc or Chenin Blanc. These light wines will refresh your palate and provide a pleasant balance of sweet and salty flavors on your tongue.

White wine with vitello tonnato

White wines are a great addition to many dishes, and vitello tonnato is no exception. This gerecht goes well with light white wines with citrusy or floral flavours. Wines with some sweetness also go well with the creamy sauce in this gerecht.

Pinot Grigio

The Croatian Pinot Grigio White wine is an excellent accompaniment to vitello tonnato. Its light, crispy and subtle taste minerality complement the bold flavors of it gerecht perfectly on. The wine's acidity helps break through the richness of the vitello tonnato, creating a more balanced flavor profile. In addition, the bright aromas of citrus and green apple bring out the sharp notes of capers and anchovies in the sauce.

Pinot Grigio from Croatia is praised for its consistent quality and great complexity. Its combination of floral and fruity notes, along with a refreshing acidity, makes it a great pairing with vitello tonnato. This wine is also full enough to handle the heavier elements in this classic Italian gerecht to be able to handle.

The combination Pinot Grigio wine with vitello tonnato of creamy slices of veal topped with a spicy tuna sauce accentuated by olives and capers really benefits from a glass or two white wines – a delight not to be missed! And don't forget to bring a bottle Pinot Grigio chill to serve with this delicious pairing of wine at vitello tonnato.


Graševina is a dry one White wine with a moderate acidity that goes well with creamy dishes such as vitello tonnato. The subtle sweetness and fruity notes of the wine balance the richness of the tuna sauce, while the light bitterness provides a refreshing contrast. This Croatian wine at vitello tonnato is a perfect choice for those looking for a surprising but successful combination of flavors, and it adds a touch of Mediterranean flair to the dish.

Graševina, a white one Croatian wine, is an excellent accompaniment to vitello tonnato. The bright and crisp taste of this wine matches perfectly with the softness and richness of the Italian dish. The acidity of Graševina helps cut through the fatty creaminess of the sauce and brings out the subtle flavors of the tuna in the dish. Additionally, the natural sweetness of this wine variety complements the salty capers commonly found in vitello tonnato recipes.

Graševina is made from grapes from the cooler climate regions of Croatia and its unique style has been compared to Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. This makes it an ideal pairing for light summer dishes like vitello tonnato, as it has just enough body to tolerate heavier meats like veal, but not overwhelm the more delicate flavors. It also has a relatively low alcohol content, so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about being overwhelmed by too much flavor or feeling bloated afterwards. And because Graševina easy to find in most supermarkets or online, finding a great bottle is a piece of cake.

Graševina not only does it bring out the best flavors in vitello tonnato, but its affordability means it won't break your budget either. And because it pairs so well with a variety of dishes – from salads and lighter dishes to pastas and grilled meats – you can enjoy this delicious wine with many different meals all year round.

Posip wine at vitello tonnato

The Croatian White wine Posip is a great combination with vitello tonnato as it has a soft and buttery texture that goes well with the creamy tuna sauce. In addition, the fruity taste of the wine provides a refreshing contrast to the richness of the dish.

It is a genuine Croatian grape variety from the island Korcula, known for its high acidity and elegant aromas. The unique terroir gives the wine a mineral character that brings a wonderful freshness to the mouth. This makes it an excellent pairing with vitello tonnato, as it can tolerate the richness of this classic Italian dish without overpowering it.

The flavor profile of Posip is what really sets him apart in terms of why this one White wine such an excellent combination with vitello tonnato. It has pronounced notes of citrus and stone fruits such as peach and apricot, which are complemented by floral undertones such as jasmine or chamomile.

Basically the Croatian White wine Posip is a great combination for vitello tonnato because of its complexity and balance. These complex notes blend seamlessly with the creamy texture and delicate flavors of vitello tonnato, creating an incredibly harmonious combination that will delight any palate. It is an excellent choice as a wine with vitello tonnato.

drug Riesling

The Croatian White wine called Riesling is a great combination with vitello tonnato because of its unique flavor profile. The sweet and fruity notes of the Riesling give balance and complexity to the dish while complementing the delicate flavors of the veal. The acidity of the wine helps break up the creamy mayonnaise-based sauce, making it a light, refreshing pairing.

Riesling also goes well with many other ingredients in vitello tonnato, such as capers, anchovies, olives and lemon juice. Its medium body and fruity character help to bring out the salty, briny flavors of all these components, while still providing a pleasant backdrop to these strong flavours. In addition, the lightness of the wine harmonizes seamlessly with the tender texture of cooked veal

In addition, has Riesling wine with vitello tonnato has a high residual sugar content due to its lower alcohol content, which makes it an ideal accompaniment to the savory profile of vitello tonnato. This sweetness helps to balance the intense flavors of this Italian dish and emphasize the subtle nuances, without overpowering any particular component. Its bright acidity also keeps things lively by ensuring that one ingredient doesn't dominate over another in a meal like this. All in all is Croatian Riesling an excellent White wine at vitello tonnato which is sure to enhance anyone's dining experience!


    De White wine Gewürztraminer is a great pairing with vitello tonnato for a number of reasons. First, its pronounced herbal notes and spicy aromas add an interesting contrast to the creamy, delicious taste of the veal in the dish. Second, its low acidity compliments the tuna-based sauce that traditionally accompanies this Italian classic. The combination of these two flavors creates a unique balance between sweet and savory that cannot be found anywhere else.

    Moreover, state Gewurztraminer known for minerality, which adds a touch of mineral complexity to the dish, giving it an extra layer of flavor that elevates it even further. Its fuller body also goes well with the richer flavor of the vitello tonnato; on top of the extra body, this contributes to an overall combination that has just enough kick and intensity to awaken the palate without overpowering other flavors.

    The subtle fruitiness of Gewurztraminer wine with vitello tonnato also perfectly complements any vegetables or meat served with this traditional Italian meal. Its versatility means it goes well with all kinds of dishes, while still holding its own against powerful ingredients such as tuna or olives. All in all, there is no better way to enjoy the wine pairings at Vitello Tonnato than with a crisp glass of Croatian Gewurztraminer and tantalize your taste buds with its spicy herbs!


    The combination of dry Chardonnay wine at vitello tonnato is an excellent choice for any meal. The dry and crunchy character of the wine complements the tenderness of the veal, while the creamy mayonnaise sauce perfectly complements the acidity of the drink. This combination is a great way to upgrade any Italian meal and make it something special.

    De Chardonnay must be chosen carefully, because it largely determines how well the combination works. A good rule of thumb for a good pairing with vitello tonnato is to keep it on the drier side and opt for a wine with a higher acid content. Many people also choose wines from cooler climates such as Burgundy or the South Island of New Zealand, which tend to have more vibrant notes of citrus and minerality that go well with this traditional Italian dish.

    At your choice Chardonnay you should also take into account the aging in oak - if it is aged in oak barrels, those flavors (such as vanilla and coconut) will bring out the creamy mayonnaise sauce in vitello tonnato even better. The combination of dry Chardonnay with vitello tonnato is sure to be a hit with guests at any gathering. Not only does this pair bring complementary flavors together in a harmonious bite, but it also allows for fun experimentation as you search for the right bottle that best suits your taste!

    Sauvginon Blanc

    The combination of dry Sauvignon Blanc wine with vitello tonnato is a delicious combination that combines the crisp, sour taste of the first with the creamy, savory taste of the second. The fruity and spicy undertones of the Sauvignon Blanc perfectly complement the salty capers and anchovies of the vitello tonnato, creating a unique and flavorful balance.

    The dry Sauvignon Blanc complements the complex flavors in Vitello Tonnato without overpowering them. Its lightness allows it to handle all the elements taste without being overwhelmed by a single flavour. This balance ensures that drinkers can fully enjoy both components – neither takes predominance and each element stands on its own. Plus, the acidity helps break up the heavier textures of vitello tonnato and adds a refreshing quality to it.

    The two together make for an incredibly savory experience that is sure to stimulate all your senses. It is important to use a good quality Sauvignon Blanc in combination with vitello tonnato - something with a high acidity works best. Additionally, consider adding herbs or spices, such as oregano or basil, to enhance the flavors even more. When these two ingredients work together in perfect harmony, you can create an unforgettable culinary experience that everyone can enjoy. It is a delicious combination of wine with vitello tonnato.

    In short, a Sauvignon Blanc, with its slightly sour taste and fruity aromas, is an excellent wine with vitello tonnato as a choice to combine. The wine accentuates the delicate flavors of the dish and creates a harmonious interplay of flavors on the tongue.

    Red wine with vitello tonnato

    It should be noted that red wines are not recommended for this dish because of their high tannin content, which can react negatively with the fats in the fish mayonnaise and lead to an unpleasant aftertaste. To really experience this Italian delicacy at its best, opt for lighter ones instead white wines. The color of the wine does not play such an important role, but the texture and taste do play a role in finding the optimal wine pairing for vitello tonnato.

    That does not mean that Red wine cannot be combined with vitello tonnatto. That is possible, but there are a few conditions that you have to take into account. Avoid oak wines or too dry strong, robust red wines, because they clash hard with the delicate flavors of the dish. You can experiment with red wines of medium weight like Pinot Noir of Merlot. But most importantly – don't forget to enjoy your meal!

    Vitello Tonnato
    Vitello Tonnato with capers

    Croatian wine at vitello tonnato

    Croatian wines are a great companion to vitello tonnato as they bring out the flavor and complexity of this classic Italian dish. The acids in Croatian white wines help cut through the rich and creamy sauce of the veal, while their bright fruit flavors and subtle spice notes provide a subtle contrast to the richness of the meat. In addition, robust red wines for an ideal balance with this tasty dish and they go well with the accompanying vegetables.

    The warm climate of the Croatian wine regions produces grapes with an intense flavor and strong character that go well with strong sauces such as those in vitello tonnato. Wines from Slavonia, Istria en Dalmatia offer a variety of options for a combination of many different unique wines. The different style options make it easy to find something that really complements your meal.

    In addition, Croatian wines offer a unique combination of Old World passion and New World panache, making them perfect partners for traditional dishes such as vitello tonnato. dingac for example is a full Red wine with both earthy aromas reminiscent of its European roots and juicy berry flavors that pair perfectly with this classic Mediterranean dish. And native breeds such as Posip wine at vitello tonnato can have interesting notes of minerality and spices that add depth and complexity to every bite

    In short, Croatian wines provide an excellent way to enhance the vitello tonnato flavor profile with their diverse selection of white and red wines. With their rich intensity and freshness, they create a perfect harmony between the creamy veal sauce, vegetables and other ingredients in this delicious Italian dish. Whether you prefer light whites or dark reds, there is sure to be something among Croatia's many offerings that will take your taste buds on an unforgettable culinary journey!


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