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Winery Vina Erdut

Wine from winery Vina Erdut

An item about the origin of the vineyards in the special place Erdut in eastern Croatia and in particular the winery Vina Erdut.

Origin of place Erdut

Around the ground Erdut was very fertile and suitable for growing many agricultural crops, especially vineyards. In the Middle Ages Erdut a harbor on the river Danube,
creating a small trading place. The term Castelum Erdeed is first mentioned in the second half of the 14th century, to be precise in 1359. It has already become an important place in the wider area.

The founders of this place are most likely settlers from neighboring Hungary. This can be deduced from the Hungarian name for Erdut – Erdöut, Erdewd, which means “forest path” in Hungarian.

Vineyards by Region Erdut

The vineyards of Erdut lie on the eastern slopes of the Daljska hills along the river de Danube† It is this river that, thanks to its characteristic flow of Erdut made a peninsula. The vineyard extends on the fertile deposits to the east on the slopes of the hills of Erdut called the Dalj. The highest peak of this is between 130 and 190 meters. The slope drops slightly to the south. This height and its slopes make it an ideal place for growing vines of both White wine as a Red wine on this sandy loam soil.

Vineyards in Erdut
Vineyards of Vina Erdut

The winery Vina Erdut has 460 hectares of its own vineyards. A large part of the vines between 2003 and 2010. This concerns 350 hectares. Since 1730, the authentic wine cellar established with a capacity of 6 million liters of wine. In the cellar is the largest wine barrel in the world, with a volume of 75.000 litres.

Wine barrels in the wine cellar of Erdut
Wine barrels in the wine cellar of Erdut

The vineyards consist of 80% white grape varieties and 20% red grape varieties. The most common grape variety is the Graševina with (approx. 290 hectares), followed by the Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewürztraminer en Pinot Grigio. Of the red grape varieties, especially the Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot en Blaufränkisch planted.

Our wine from the winery Vina Erdut

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