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Pošip wine from Croatia with the predicate vrhunsko has a pleasant ripe dry and soft taste and is very popular with real wine connoisseurs.

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Pošip - Blato 1902 - Vrhunsko - front
Top quality pošip  19,98 Original price was: 19,98. 13,99Current price is: 13,99.
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Main features of Pošip

  • Color: The color of Pošip wines varies from light with greenish highlights to deep honey gold.
  • Bodysuit: Pošip wines are generally full-bodied.
  • Taste: These wines offer a range of flavors, from tangy apples and subtle vanilla spice to citrus fruit and an almond aroma.
  • Locations: The most important wine regions for Pošip are Blato, Čara and Smokvica on the island Korcula. Pošip is a typical Dalmatian wine.
  • Price range: Prices of Pošip wines start from €10 for a 75cl bottle.

Benefits and value of Pošip wines

The Pros

  • High and Improving Quality: The quality of Pošip is very high, with many wines achieving scores in the high 80s. Moreover, quality continues to improve as producers take the grape more seriously over the years.
  • Excellent Combination with Local Cuisine: These wines pair excellently with local Dalmatian seafood, making them ideal for culinary enthusiasts looking for an authentic taste experience.
  • Versatility in Production: In the hands of a good producer, Pošip can be handled well with oak, which increases complexity and depth of flavor.
  • Wide Production Range: Producers on the mainland show that good Pošip also outside Korcula can be produced, which increases the availability and popularity of this wine.
  • Exceptional Vintages: The harvest in recent years has been phenomenal white wines in Dalmatia and these wines are now excellent to drink.

Exclusivity and Excellence

  • Reflection of Exclusivity and Quality: Although the grapes in Dalmatia may be more expensive, this reflects the exclusivity and superior quality of Pošip wines, which sets them apart Malvasia en Graševina.
  • Value during Tourist Season: The demand for Pošip wines is only increasing, especially in the summer, cementing their popularity and special status as a summer favorite among tourists and locals alike.

Description of the wine

The Pošip of Blato 1902 is a characteristic one White wine which is known for being rich aroma's and complex flavor profile. This wine is made from the Pošip grape, a grape variety indigenous to the island Korcula. The wine is distinguished by notes of citrus and ripe fruits, with hints of herbs and spices minerals that provide a fresh yet full mouth experience. The alcohol content usually varies around 13% to 14%, which provides a nice balance between freshness and body.

Unique features

What the Pošip of Blato What really sets 1902 apart from other wines is the way it is unique "terroir" of Korcula catches. The combination of the island's mild climate, sun-drenched slopes and calcareous soil contributes to the development of the wine's rich flavors and aromatic profile. These factors make the Pošip van Blato 1902 to an excellent example of how local fruit and careful winemaking can come together to create a product that is highly regarded both locally and internationally.

What is the history of grapes

The Pošip grape has a rich and long history on the island Korcula, which is believed to date back to the time of the ancient Greeks. The Greeks colonized parts of the Dalmatian coast and brought with them their advanced wine growing techniques. Although the exact origin of the Pošip grape is difficult to determine, it is clear that this grape variety has been part of local culture and agriculture for many centuries.

In the late 19th century the grape was officially registered, but local stories and traditions suggest its presence and influence goes back much further. Over the centuries, the Pošip grape has become a symbol of viticulture Korcula, loved for its ability to produce rich, aromatic wines that are unique "terroir" of the island.

Pošip grape in a vineyard on Korcula
The grape in the vineyards of Blato 1902 on Korcula

The makers of Pošip Blato 1902

Winemakers and their craftsmanship

The Pošip wine from Blato 1902 is crafted by a team of experienced winemakers on the idyllic island Korcula, Croatia. This team combines traditional techniques with modern technologies to create a wine that reflects both the essence of the region and the unique characteristics of the Pošip grape. The winemakers of Blato 1902 are known for their in-depth knowledge of local grape varieties and their commitment to quality.

International wine

Blato 1902 focuses on both the domestic and international markets, with a particular focus on quality wine lovers who are looking for unique, indigenous grape varieties. The Pošip of Blato 1902 is popular with sommeliers and wine connoisseurs who like to present a distinctive product in restaurants and wine bars. This wine is also loved by export markets interested in discovering and experiencing Croatia's rich wine traditions.

Renovation location

The Pošip grapes in front Blato 1902 are carefully cultivated in the western part of the island Korcula, where unique microclimatic conditions prevail that are ideal for viticulture. This region is characterized by a specific combination of plenty of sunlight, sufficient precipitation and cooling sea breezes, which together create an excellent environment for the development of the rich flavors and complex aroma from the Pošip grape.

The soil in this area is particularly rich in limestone, which contributes to the... minerality and freshness of the wine. These geographical and climatic factors make the vineyards of Blato 1902 to a perfect place for the cultivation of the Pošip grape, resulting in wines that reflect the unique "terroir" from the island Korcula expressly reflect.


The Pošip of Blato 1902 is available locally and internationally. In Croatia, this wine can be found in specialized wine shops, top restaurants and wine bars that focus on Croatian wines. Internationally, the wine is available through distributors who specialize in Mediterranean wines or specifically in unique, small wine productions. In addition, the Pošip of Blato 1902 can also be ordered online via the winery's website or via international wine web shops that focus on lovers of exclusive and native wine varieties.

Timeline and ideal consumption of Pošip Blato 1902

History of wine production

The tradition of winemaking at Blato 1902 dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, with the establishment of the winery in the year 1902. Since then, the winery has continuously worked to improve the quality of their wines, with special attention to the Pošip grape from the moment this became more prominent in local viticulture. This long history of expertise and dedication to traditional methods mixed with modern innovations has led to the production of Pošip wines that are recognized both locally and internationally.

Best time for consumption

The Pošip of Blato 1902 is designed to be enjoyed at its best within a few years of bottling. Ideally, this wine should be enjoyed within 3 to 5 years of harvest to fully enjoy its fresh, fruity characteristics and subtle mineral notes. This time window ensures that the aromatic nuances of the wine are fully expressed, giving the drinker a harmonious experience of the unique "terroir" of Korcula can experience.

What is the taste of Pošip wine?

Pošip is a dry one White wine which is known for its good acidity en minerality, even as sugar levels rise during the hot summer months. The wine has an intense aroma and juicy taste with notes of apricot, peach, pear and, in some steel-aged Pošips, also citrus. Richer varieties aged slightly in oak often exhibit flavors of dried apricots, figs and spices, with a rounded, refined acidity. Pošip is also suitable for making passito wines.

Influenced by the Dalmatian sun and aged in wooden barrels, Pošip naturally produces wines with a higher alcohol content and an oily texture, but remains a balanced wine with a lot of Mediterranean character. Some Pošip wines benefit from bottle aging and often become richer and more flavorful several years after bottling. On the other hand, Pošip can also be lighter in body and more refreshing. A perfect summer wine!

Thanks to its quality potential, Pošip is today highly regarded alongside so-called 'super grapes' such as Chardonnay, Pinots, Rieslings, and the like.

Dishes that go well with this wine

Today's Pošip wines are balanced and elegant with a specific character that reflects their native terroirs. They are excellent companions screw– and shellfish dishes and a great choice for combination with Dalmatian traditional dishes such as gradele (grilled screw, a traditional way of screw prepare).

Pošip can be combined well with various dishes
Pošip can be combined well with various dishes such as tuna, salmon, squid, grains, cheese en pasta

What is Pošip similar to?

Pošip, usually produced as a dry White wine, will certainly appeal to lovers of this type of wine. Like a fresh one White wine it may bring back memories of the wines from Southern Rhône. Wine lovers can expect a wide range of styles, from juicy wines similar to Sauvignon Blanc to mineral, Chablis-like wines, to rich, polished and focused examples reminiscent of top quality wines from the Côte d'Or.

Choice for the Pošip grape

Blato 1902 has chosen the Pošip grape for its unique ability to adapt the characteristics of the microclimate and the "terroir" of the western part of Korcula to reflect. The grape suits the mild climate and calcareous soils of the island, resulting in wines with a distinctive aroma and flavor profile. The winemakers of Blato 1902 also appreciate the Pošip grape for its versatility and ability to produce both fresh and richer, more mature wines, making it possible to reach a wide range of wine lovers.

The wine production process

Cultivation of the grapes

The cultivation of Pošip grapes Blato 1902 is carefully managed to ensure optimal growing and ripening conditions. The unique microclimates of the western part of Korcula, together with the calcareous soils, create the ideal conditions for the Pošip grape to thrive. Specific growing practices such as careful pruning, strategic water management and attention to sustainable agricultural techniques contribute to the health of the vineyard and the quality of the grapes.

Vineyards in Korčula
The vineyards in Korcula


The harvest of the Pošip grapes takes place early, partly thanks to the Maestral wind specific to this region. This wind cools the vineyards exposed to it and keeps the air temperature lower than in surrounding areas. This creates ideal conditions for growing white grapes, especially Pošip. Choosing the right time for harvest is crucial for the quality of the wine, with well-ripened grapes typically harvested in the first week of September on Korcula.

Wine making process

The winemaking process of the Pošip van Blato 1902 begins with a selective manual harvest where only the best grapes are chosen. After harvest, the grapes are gently pressed to preserve the quality of the juice. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks under strictly controlled temperatures, which is essential for its uniqueness aroma and preserve the wine's flavor profiles. After primary fermentation, the wine can mature in both stainless steel tanks and oak barrels, depending on the desired end profile of the wine.


The fermentation of the wine is a slow and patient process. The young, newly produced wine is continuously kept at a temperature of up to 12 °C. This low temperature protects the distinctive aroma of the wine. Pošip's maturation process takes about 6 to 9 months, during which the wine is kept in the cool, traditional cellars. The wine is ready for bottling after approximately 9 months or more, depending on the weather conditions of the relevant production year.

Maturation and bottling

After fermentation, the wine undergoes a maturation process during which it is left in the cellars for several months Blato 1902 resides. This allows the wine to develop and integrate its flavors, creating a more complex structure. During this period the wine can also rest on the lees, adding extra depth and character. The ripening period varies, but is typically aimed at enhancing the subtle nuances of the Pošip grape. The final step is bottling, which uses modern techniques to ensure the freshness and quality of the wine all the way to the consumer.

This careful attention to every detail of the production process ensures that the Pošip van Blato 1902 its reputation as one of the finest Croatian white wines delivers, and illustrates the winery's craftsmanship and commitment to excellence.

Wine is kept in stainless steel tanks or oak barrels
Wine is kept in stainless steel tanks or oak barrels

Why is Pošip wine so popular?

Broad appeal

Pošip wine from Blato 1902 has broad appeal due to its balanced flavor profile that offers both rich and refreshing notes. This versatility makes it attractive to both connoisseurs seeking complexity and depth, and casual drinkers who enjoy its approachable, fruity characteristics.

Excellent wine-food combination

The wine is also popular because it pairs exceptionally well with a wide range of dishes, especially seafood and traditional Dalmatian cuisine. This combination of versatility in taste and compatibility with food makes it a favorite at restaurants and home dinner parties alike.

International recognition

The increasing international recognition of Pošip wines as high-quality products has contributed to their popularity. Blato 1902 has effectively capitalized on this trend by positioning their Pošip alongside well-known world wines, making them a sought-after choice not only locally but also in international markets.

Serving Pošip Blato 1902

Serving temperature

The ideal serving temperature for the Pošip van Blato 1902 is between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius. The delicate ones come at this temperature aromaThe flavors and flavors of the wine are at their best, without losing the freshness. Serving at too high a temperature can lead to a reduced perception of the acidity and the subtle fruity and floral notes.


Before serving Pošip van Blato 1902 it is recommended to use a medium-large white wine glass. This type of glass has a slightly narrower end that helps keep the aroma's to concentrate at the top of the glass, enhancing the sensory experience of the wine.


Although Pošip van Blato 1902 generally does not require decanting, light aeration may be beneficial for certain older or more complex vintages. This can help the wine reach its full spectrum aroma's and flavors, especially when it comes to mature wines that have developed more structure and depth.

Serve and enjoy

When serving Pošip van Blato 1902, it is important to pay attention to the details that can improve the drinking experience. Make sure the wine is served in pristine glasses and consider presenting the bottle on the table so guests can appreciate the labeling and vintage. This wine pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes, making it a versatile choice for both casual and formal occasions.

This attention to the serving process ensures that every sip of the Pošip from Blato 1902 is as enjoyable as possible, and reflects the care and expertise that goes into making this excellent wine.

You can combine wine with different snacks and dishes
You can combine the wine with various snacks and dishes


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63 reviews for Top quality pošip

  1. Robert -

    The Pošip wine from Wijnhuis Blato from Korčula really enchanted me and took my love for Croatian wines to new heights. From the moment I opened this bottle and tasted the first sip, I knew I had something special on my hands.

    This Pošip is like a bright morning sun that captures the beauty of Korčula in a glass. The color shines like gold and reminds me of the shimmer of the Adriatic Sea under the warm rays of the sun. The bouquet that rises from the glass is a beautiful fusion of summer flowers, subtle citrus aromas and a hint of the salty sea air that floats over the vineyards.

    At the first sip, my taste buds are greeted with a refreshing crispness that reminds me of the fresh breeze blowing through the Korculan vineyards. The taste is a harmonious interplay of juicy peaches, ripe apricots and a hint of green apple. What really sets this wine apart is the perfect balance of fruity sweetness and refined minerality, resulting in a silky finish that caresses your taste buds.

    What fascinates me even more is how this Pošip reflects the character of Korčula – it is like a journey through the island itself. The wine seems to breathe with the history of the people who nurtured and nurtured the vines, and with the rich soil that nurtured the grapes. It is a tribute to the traditions and passion of Wijnhuis Blato, who have created a true art form with this creation.

    I can say with full confidence that this Pošip is a pearl among Croatian wines and a real treasure from Korčula. Whether you are a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply looking for a new and exciting wine experience, this bottle will not disappoint. Five stars don't seem enough to do justice to the splendor of this Pošip, but it's the least I can do to show my appreciation for this masterpiece from Wijnhuis Blato.

  2. Anna -

    A wonderful discovery from Korcula! With great enthusiasm I give this Pošip wine a well-deserved five stars. This wine has truly enchanted me with its unique character and undeniable quality.

    The clear, golden hue of the Pošip invites you to an unforgettable tasting. On the first sip, you'll be greeted with an explosion of vibrant aromas. Fresh citrus notes blend effortlessly with hints of tropical fruit, creating an extremely captivating scent.

    But it's the taste that really takes this wine to the next level. A refined balance between freshness and depth, with a silky smooth texture that feels like velvet on the tongue. The Pošip reveals complex layers of flavour, ranging from refreshing green apple to soft peach, and even a hint of honeyed sweetness.

    This wine perfectly embodies the charm and beauty of the island of Korcula. It is a tribute to the sun-drenched vineyards and the dedication of the winemakers. Whether you are an experienced wine connoisseur or simply looking for an unforgettable wine experience, the Pošip from Korcula will not disappoint. With five stars, I confidently recommend this wine to anyone looking for a truly enchanting taste experience.

  3. Marco -

    The Pošip from Korčula radiates purity and elegance, with its lively citrus notes and a refreshing mineral character. A sunny greeting from the bottle, perfect for a moment of enjoyment at any time of the day!

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