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Pošip wine from Croatia with the predicate vrhunsko has a pleasant ripe dry and soft taste and is very popular with real wine connoisseurs.

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Posip wine from Croatia in brief:

  • Full bodied Pošip wine; perfect balance of alcohol and acids
  • A great fruity intense aroma and a flavor profile reminiscent of Mediterranean fruits like figs and apricots
  • Multiple awards won worldwide
  • Perfectly balanced and elegant wine with a specific character that reflects its origin
  • Excellent with all screw dishes and seafood
  • A great choice for the warmer days
  • A real Croatian grape variety
  • Grapes are picked by hand

Pošip wine winner of gold medal

This Posip (po ship) wine from the winery Blato 1902 out Korcula is a top quality white wine and is made from the grape variety of the same name. It is recognizable by its particularly pleasant ripe dry and soft taste. This Pošip wine has won several awards worldwide, including a gold medal at the Dubrovnik Wine Festival.

Pošip wine is very popular with connoisseurs

This Pošip wine is a 'Vrhunsko vino'. That is a quality designation in Croatia for very high quality wine. The Pošip grape is a real Croatian grape variety, it comes from the island Korcula. Nowadays the Pošip wine is also produced on the surrounding islands and along the coast of Dalmatia made.

De white wines from Korcula and surroundings are very popular with connoisseurs. In the past, mostly the white wines of this area donated to the court in Vienna.

Pošip grape is one of the oldest grape varieties

De Posip (po ship) grape is one of the oldest grape varieties in southern Europe. The Pošip is originally from the Croatian island KorculaOver the centuries, the grape has spread to other nearby Croatian islands such as the Vis and the Hvar. The Pošip is therefore a true 'Island wine'. Thanks to the pleasant Mediterranean climate on the Adriatic Sea and the rocky environment, this grape is very suitable for cultivation.

The Pošip grape is a very successful and increasingly popular Croatian white grape variety with a promising future. Pošip as a grape variety originally comes from the Croatian island Korcula. It is a hybrid grape variety originating from two other autochthonous grape varieties, the Bratkovina en Zlatarica.

Pošip grape from Korcula

The Pošip grape is mainly grown on the island Korcula, but is also found on the neighboring islands of Mljet, Lastovo, Hvar, Brač, Vis and the peninsula Peljesac. Pošip grape variety has adapted exceptionally well to its native environment, gives a good yield, has the ability to retain high sugar levels, up to 25g per litre, and more importantly in the warm Mediterranean climate, it is able to retain the acids very well preserved.

Other names for the Pošip grape:
Posip Bijeli, Posipak, Posipica

Vinification of Pošip grapes

This variety of the Pošip grape shows a wonderful adaptability to the different methods of vinification. It comes on the market in two categories. The first is aromatic and fresh, which is fermented in stainless tanks. This first category represents about 80% of all Pošip wines produced.

The aroma complex of the Pošip grapes is very rich and attractive. It has something of fresh sauvignon notes of cut grass and gooseberry/gooseberry blends with hints of citrus and continental fruits, as well as mineral notes. The taste is fresh with a solid higher alcohol content and contains a good coverage of the necessary acids.

The second expression of the Pošip is an expression of style and is significantly different. These types of Pošip wine are obtained by fermentation and subsequent sur lie (old French method of fermenting and maturing) which is then in oak barrels to mature further. The result is a complex and strong wine with a potential to be stored for decades, it contains more alcohol, is much fatter, almost buttery, in structure and has an attractive aftertaste.

AROMA from the Pošip grape

The aromatic profile of Pošip grape is strongly influenced by the fermentation which makes it a aroma of a toast, but it can also contain notes of Mediterranean herbs. The success of the Pošip is mainly due to the fruity, often citrus-like, and sometimes dried candied fruits.

Delicious with pošip screw

This Pošip has yellow-gloss clear color, it leaves a mighty trail on the wine glasses. The aroma of this Posip quality wine is dominated by the scent of the sea at the opening, after which the scent of Mediterranean fruits such as figs is released. In short it is a wine that is not sharp acids knows but is rich and soft in taste. This top quality wine Pošip is generally good to combine with grilled screw and fresh herbs.

Pošip grapes picked by hand

This top quality wine is produced in an organic way, the grapes are picked manually after which they are sorted by quality.

The wine may only bear the predicate 'quality wine' if the grapes used for this wine meet a number of criteria, including their location (only the most ideal slopes qualify) so that they receive sufficient hours of sunshine and that the grapes have been allowed to ripen well. Subsequently, only the best trusses are selected, paying attention to the colour, taste and perfect ratio between sugars en acids.

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63 reviews for Top quality Pošip wine

  1. Robert -

    The Pošip wine from Wijnhuis Blato from Korčula really enchanted me and took my love for Croatian wines to new heights. From the moment I opened this bottle and tasted the first sip, I knew I had something special on my hands.

    This Pošip is like a bright morning sun that captures the beauty of Korčula in a glass. The color shines like gold and reminds me of the shimmer of the Adriatic Sea under the warm rays of the sun. The bouquet that rises from the glass is a beautiful fusion of summer flowers, subtle citrus aromas and a hint of the salty sea air that floats over the vineyards.

    At the first sip, my taste buds are greeted with a refreshing crispness that reminds me of the fresh breeze blowing through the Korculan vineyards. The taste is a harmonious interplay of juicy peaches, ripe apricots and a hint of green apple. What really sets this wine apart is the perfect balance of fruity sweetness and refined minerality, resulting in a silky finish that caresses your taste buds.

    What fascinates me even more is how this Pošip reflects the character of Korčula – it is like a journey through the island itself. The wine seems to breathe with the history of the people who nurtured and nurtured the vines, and with the rich soil that nurtured the grapes. It is a tribute to the traditions and passion of Wijnhuis Blato, who have created a true art form with this creation.

    I can say with full confidence that this Pošip is a pearl among Croatian wines and a real treasure from Korčula. Whether you are a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply looking for a new and exciting wine experience, this bottle will not disappoint. Five stars don't seem enough to do justice to the splendor of this Pošip, but it's the least I can do to show my appreciation for this masterpiece from Wijnhuis Blato.

  2. Anna -

    A wonderful discovery from Korcula! With great enthusiasm I give this Pošip wine a well-deserved five stars. This wine has truly enchanted me with its unique character and undeniable quality.

    The clear, golden hue of the Pošip invites you to an unforgettable tasting. On the first sip, you'll be greeted with an explosion of vibrant aromas. Fresh citrus notes blend effortlessly with hints of tropical fruit, creating an extremely captivating scent.

    But it's the taste that really takes this wine to the next level. A refined balance between freshness and depth, with a silky smooth texture that feels like velvet on the tongue. The Pošip reveals complex layers of flavour, ranging from refreshing green apple to soft peach, and even a hint of honeyed sweetness.

    This wine perfectly embodies the charm and beauty of the island of Korcula. It is a tribute to the sun-drenched vineyards and the dedication of the winemakers. Whether you are an experienced wine connoisseur or simply looking for an unforgettable wine experience, the Pošip from Korcula will not disappoint. With five stars, I confidently recommend this wine to anyone looking for a truly enchanting taste experience.

  3. Marco -

    The Pošip from Korčula radiates purity and elegance, with its lively citrus notes and a refreshing mineral character. A sunny greeting from the bottle, perfect for a moment of enjoyment at any time of the day!

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