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The wine is made from the Istarska Malvazija grape variety. It is yellow-green in color, with a particularly pronounced and recognizable aroma, a pleasant harmonious and round taste. Serve at a temperature of 10-12°C with white meat dishes and sea fish.

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Malvasia Istarska is a popular white wine from Istria and the northern Dalmatian coast. Sometimes it gets Malvasia Called Istriana, although it is not the same grape as Malvasia from Italy. It has a refreshing, dry taste with a lower alcohol content. AROMAPhotos of fennel, quince, honey, apricot and herbs are common. Malvasia Istarska wines are great to enjoy on a hot day. If you're looking for a wine with a little spice, this is a great option.

Malvasia Istarska (Malvasia Istriana) has been considered for decades as part of a large family of Mediterranean malmsey's (Malvasia, Malmsey), which, to be fair, has minimal connections aside from the name. To be exact, most malmseys are grown like sweet wines, while Malvasia Istarska as standard sweet is. Ampelographic differences are also quite strong.

With most namesakes (Malvasia delle Lipari, Malvasija Dubrovačka) the cluster is looser, more elongated and broad-shouldered, and the difference can also be seen in leaf configuration. Prolonged doubts about its affiliation with the wider malmseyfamily have been confirmed by recent genetic research showing through reliable DNA analysis that it is unrelated to any of the other malmsey's. That's how we know today Malvasia Istarska is a local Istrian wine grape variety.

It is characterized by lush growth and moderate to high yields, requiring significant vineyards, as well as significant resistance to vine diseases such as botrytis and oidiuma. It accumulates sugars well, so that the mean values ​​in Dry wine vary between 11,5% and 13,5% vol. of alcohol. Average total acids in wine range from 5 to 6 g per liter, and the dry about 20 grams per liter.

Malvasia Istarska is in all Istria cultivated, a small amount in the adjacent Slovenian coastal region, and can also be found in the Italian region of Friuli. It is quite a large area with different microclimatic conditions that make the wine made from Malvasia Istarska is available in different styles.

The Association of Istrian Winegrowers and Winemakers has also protected the style and quality of their wines with the “IQ” (Istrian Quality) label on the bottle neck. It is not a top quality label, but a guarantee to the buyer of basic style and quality reliability. Better producers produce next to the “IQ” Malvasia also a higher category.

The primary aroma's from a mature Malvasia are a combination of fruity and floral flavors such as apple, peach and nectarine with acacia flower, supported by more or less prominent but always traceable mineral notes. The mineral note also extends through the taste in the form of a mild salty and slightly bitter aftertaste. The appearance and style of certain Malvasia varies, depending on where it comes from.

De malmseyphotos of westernIstria, whose location is closer to the coast, have a more prominent mineral quality, sometimes completely devoid of other flavors. However, they are more often combined with slightly fruity aroma's like peach. The same sub-region, westernIstria, is characterized by attractive flowery flowers in slightly elevated positions aromas mixed with ripe fruit.

De malmsey's from central Istria and those from even higher altitudes are characterized by the emphasized fruitiness of apples and nectarines, as well as more lively and refreshing acids. South-Istria however, it is characterized by a slightly sweeter fruitiness aligned with more exotic fruits and an almost regular banana flavour.

Such differences in styles are caused not only by the versatility of the positions, but also by Malvasiasubtypes, whose settlement and cataloging is underway. Malvasia tolerates aging extremely well; so there are mainly two basic varieties on the market: fresh, probably consumed within 2 years, and ripe, ready for the market at the earliest in the third year after harvest.

This Istrian Malvasia (Istarska Malvasia) has a yellow-green color, particularly pronounced and characteristic aromatic floral-fruity aromas combined with a touch of almond flavor. Wine food proposal: veal, pork, white screw, pasta served with sauces

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  1. Petra -

    Good malvazija from croatia

  2. Jola -

    Istarska Malvazija, had this last year on holiday in Istria too, good white wine

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