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Risotto and wine

Which wine with risotto?

Wine with risotto: a symphony of flavors that will delight every gourmet. In this introduction we reveal the secrets of perfectly pairing these two culinary delights. Discover with us how the right wine can not only enrich the taste of risotto, but also an everyday one gerecht can transform into a refined dining experience.

Risotto is a traditional Italian rice dish, originally from Piedmont, slowly cooked in stock and wine. As with other dishes, the perfect wine match for risotto depends on the flavorings for the risotto and not on the rice itself – the lighter the gerecht, the lighter and fresher the wine.

The magic of risotto lies in its versatility; Whether it is a rich, creamy risotto with mushrooms or a fresh, summery version with seafood, each type offers a unique opportunity to experiment with wine pairings. The complexity and richness of the risotto can be enhanced by a wine with the right body, acidity and... aroma's.

In this section of our blog we explore the art of matching different types of risotto with the ideal wine. From the subtle nuances of a light Pinot Grigio to the deep, rich notes of an oak-aged Posip, we dive into the world of flavor combinations where every sip of wine strengthens and enriches the experience of the risotto.

Risotto with white wine is a perfect combination
Risotto with White wine is a perfect combination

All risotto variants in a row

Naturally! Risotto is a versatile dish gerecht with countless variations depending on the ingredients and method of preparation. Here is a list of some popular risotto varieties:

  1. Risotto Alla Milanese: A classic variant from Milan, known for its rich taste of saffron and often served with Parmesan cheese.

    Risotto Alla Milanese
    Risotto Alla Milanese
  2. mushroom risotto: This version is rich in the earthy flavors of different types of mushrooms, such as button mushrooms, porcini or truffles.

    mushroom risotto
    mushroom risotto
  3. Risotto With Seafood: Prepared with a mix of seafood such as shrimp, mussels, squid or scallops.

    Risotto With Seafood
    Risotto With Seafood
  4. Pumpkin risotto: A fall favorite with the sweet and creamy flavor of pumpkin, often enriched with herbs such as sage.

    Pumpkin risotto
    Pumpkin risotto
  5. Risotto With Chicken: A savory variant with pieces of chicken, often combined with vegetables such as peas or asparagus.

    Risotto With Chicken
    Risotto With Chicken
  6. Risotto with Fish: Made with different types of white fish, such as cod or sea bass, often enriched with lemon and herbs.

    Risotto with fish
    Risotto with fish
  7. Risotto with salmon: For this variant one fits White wine that complement the richness of the salmon without being overpowering, such as a Pinot Grigio or a lighter one Chardonnay.

    Risotto with salmon
    Risotto with salmon
  8. Risotto Primavera: A spring variant with a mix of fresh seasonal vegetables such as peas, asparagus and carrots.

    Risotto primavera: with fresh vegetables and asparagus
    Risotto primavera: with fresh vegetables and asparagus
  9. Risotto alla Parmigiana: Simple but flavorful, with an abundance of Parmesan cheese and often a touch of butter.

    Risotto alla Parmigiana
    Risotto alla Parmigiana
  10. Risotto Nero (Black Risotto): Colored and flavored with squid ink, often served with seafood.

    Risotto Nero (Black Risotto)
    Risotto Nero (Black Risotto)
  11. Risotto with Beetroot: Provides a striking color and sweet-earthy taste, often served with goat cheese.

    Risotto with Beetroot
    Risotto with Beetroot
  12. truffle risotto: Luxurious and rich, with the unmistakable taste of black or white truffles.

    truffle risotto
    truffle risotto
  13. Risotto with Sausage: Savory variant with Italian sausage, often seasoned with wine and herbs.

    Risotto with sausage
    Risotto with sausage
  14. Risotto with Tomato: Here's a lighter one Red wine or a robust one White wine go well with it depending on the other flavors in it gerecht.

    Risotto with tomato
    Risotto with tomato
  15. Risotto with Red Wine: This may indicate risotto prepared with Red wine or a gerecht whereby Red wine is served. In both cases it is medium-bodied Red wine as Merlot of Pinot Noir a good choice.

    Risotto with red wine
    Risotto with Red wine

This list is only a suggestion of the possibilities; the beauty of risotto is that it can be adapted to almost any flavor preference or ingredient you have on hand.

History of risotto and wine

Before we can properly combine wine with risotto, we must first look a little at what risotto is. Like wine, risotto has a long history as an Italian mainstay. Risotto dates back to the fourteenth century, when long-grain rice was introduced to both Spain and Italy by Arabs.

Sicily in particular appeared to have the qualities needed to grow rice. Relatively high humidity and flat land. In fact, for most rice it is important that the temperature at night is sixty degrees Fahrenheit or higher for at least three months of the year. Without sufficient humidity, which produces moisture, rice often dries out and dies.

The risotto itself didn't appear until the late fifteenth century when an apprentice who worked at the Duomo Di Milano cathedral created it out of anger when others equated his work on the stained glass windows with the same color as saffron.

Rather than ruin the wedding festivities as the apprentice intended, the herbal-infused concoction was well received. It's unclear exactly how long it took for the risotto to gain traction, but in the end it didn't just become a favorite gerecht, but also a celebration of Italian culture.

What kind of risotto?

First of all, you need to focus on how the risotto is prepared and what ingredients are used. The first thing to think about when looking for the best wine with risotto pairings is the base itself and its main properties: creamy, rich and starchy.

The next layer is meat and spice additions. The more delicate the additions, the more delicate the wine; while more robust flavors generally call for a bolder wine.

A risotto combined with parmesan cheese and mushrooms is fantastic to combine with a ripened White wine as Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Gruner Veltiner, Chenin Blanc or Chardonnay† Getting these wine styles aroma's of white truffles and a very earthy quality. If you're feeling adventurous, you could even try an oxidative style or orange wine for wine food combination.

In general, a risotto goes well with a dry, crispy one White wine in combination with seafood and risottos with spring vegetables. But the reality is often a little more complicated than simply saying that a certain wine goes well with a fish or vegetable risotto.

For example, a rich crab risotto can be combined well with voluptuous rich White wine, such as a Graševina, Pinot Grigio, Viognier or barrel aged Chardonnay, just like a risotto with pumpkin. And vegetable risottos such as beetroot and porcini taste just as good with one Red wine as Cabernet Sauvignon, Frankovka of Plavac Mali.

Risotto with beetroot goes well with red wine
Risotto with beetroot goes well with Red wine

But the risotto con vongole is best combined with a Verdicchio, Pinot Grigio or a Pinot Bianco/Pinot Blanc. But if you make a classic risotto alla Milanese with saffron, you can also combine deye with a Red wine like a Barbara or Plavac Mali. Saffron is a spice that goes just as well with red as White wine.

Risotto and wine pairing at a glance

The art of pairing wine with risotto is a balancing act that can surprise and delight both connoisseurs and amateurs. Take the mushroom risotto for example; its deep, earthy flavors require a wine with just as much character. A matured one White wine such as a Graševina, with its full, round flavor profile, can complement the richness of the mushrooms without being overpowering.

For those who prefer one Red wine, can be a dry one Plavac Mali or a Cabernet Sauvignon with its robust tannins provide an interesting contrast, especially if the risotto is enriched with savory meat ingredients.

Truffle risotto, with its luxurious, subtle flavors, would pair beautifully with the delicate notes of a Pinot Grigio of Posip, where the wine enhances the truffle aromas without dominating. Each risotto dish offers a new stage for an intriguing wine pairing.

Risotto with mushrooms
Risotto with mushrooms

How fresh should the wine be?

The acidity of the wine provides a sourness when drinking and a 'ripple' feeling similar to citrus. Acidity is known to cut through the fat and works well for a rich and creamy gerecht like risotto.

Acidity is also a natural combination for brightening up vegetables and seafood such as shrimp or lobster. The key to a good wine food combination is to make sure it doesn't become too overwhelming. The wine acids, butter and creamy starch from rice should not be too overpowering. It must be well balanced.

Most risotto dishes go well with a slightly acidic wine. For a fresher, brighter risotto, made with vegetables and fresh herbs or shrimp, even a spicy Italian Prosecco or a sparkling Pjenušac from Croatia can suffice.

A more moderate acidity goes well with dishes with a high umami flavor, such as creamy mushroom risotto. You want to have enough acidity to make it gerecht to brighten up, but not so much that it combats the creamy, rich tones.

Risotto with Red wine

Do you tend to be almost exclusively Red wine preferable to White wine, then the good news is that you are not limited to White wine. although white wines are the most natural combination for a risotto, fit sparkling and light red wines also very good with risotto, especially if you go for a meatier risotto, such as risotto with sausage, bacon or even mushrooms.

To be tannins important?

Tannins are sometimes an overlooked quality, but they are very important in determining the ideal wine for a gerecht. Tannins are naturally occurring compounds in grapes that provide texture and astringency in the mouth. Generally contain red wines much more tannins and white wines. Tannins wines, such as Syrah, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon, are generally quite daring.

For the risotto you are much better with wines with little tannins, mostly white wines, although a few red wines to be possible. But this also depends on the herbs used and the composition of the risotto. The sharpness and heavier quality of tannins don't go well with more subtle and creamy flavors.

How full should my wine be?

    The body of a wine refers to the feeling and degree of fullness or mouthful as you drink. In general, full-bodied wines will be presented heavier and richer, while light-bodied wines tend to leave the impression of being more playful.

    Choose you Red wine, then it should be quite light in the body, like Merlot, Frankovka, Pinot Noir or even a sparkling Lambrusco.

    Ordered before White wine it depends on the specific type of risotto and the flavor profile you want to achieve. In most cases, go for a medium to full body White wine, like Graševina, Chardonnay, Viognier or Pinot Grigio. This is a great balance, matching the richer starchy notes, cheese components, while still balancing with more subdued spices and more delicate seasonings.

    Recipe: risotto with fish and seafood


    • 300g Arborio rice
    • 200g mixed seafood (e.g. shrimp, mussels, pieces of whitefish)
    • 1 liter fish stock
    • 1 onion, finely chopped
    • 2 cloves garlic, minced
    • 150 ml dry White wine
    • 50g unsalted butter
    • 50g Parmesan cheese, grated
    • 2 tablespoons olive oil
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    • Fresh parsley, finely chopped (for garnish)
    • Fresh lemon

    Preparation method

    1. To heat fish stock: Bring the fish stock to the boil and keep it on a low heat.
    2. Fry the Onion and Garlic: Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the onion and garlic and fry until soft, but not brown.
    3. Add rice: Add the Arborio rice to the pan and stir well so that every grain is coated with oil. Let the rice fry for a minute.
    4. White Wine Add: Pour the White wine Add it and let it be absorbed by the rice.
    5. Add broth: Add a ladleful of hot fish stock and stir until almost completely absorbed. Repeat this process until the rice is cooked but still has a bite (this will take about 18-20 minutes).
    6. Seafood Add: Add the mixed seafood to the rice and cook until cooked through (about 5 minutes). Season with salt and pepper.
    7. Finish: Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the butter and Parmesan cheese through. Let the risotto rest for a few minutes.
    8. To serve: Garnish with fresh parsley, lemon slice and serve the risotto warm.

    This risotto with fish and shellfish is not only delicious, but also a feast for the eyes. Perfect for a special dinner or a pleasant evening at home. Enjoy it!

    Risotto with fish and seafood
    Risotto with fish and seafood

    Can you prepare risotto in advance?

    To enjoy the best risotto, it is recommended to serve it immediately after baking. If this is not possible, you can use it within an hour by placing it in the back of the stove without heating and leaving it for a while. The maximum recommended time to prepare a risotto in advance is 3 days. Store in a well-covered baking pan in the refrigerator and slowly heat on the stove before serving.

    Does risotto have gluten?

    The arborio rice is 100% gluten-free on its own, but the recipe preparation may contain gluten in some ingredients. The rice is prepared in a stock, which may contain traces of gluten, especially if a stock is from a box. If you are in a restaurant you can always ask, but the chances are that you will enjoy this without any problems gerecht can enjoy.

    Do you always have to put wine in risotto?

    The best risotto recipes often include Dry wine during preparation.

    Depending on the sauce, it has about a glass White wine need, but you can do this gerecht certainly prepare without wine if necessary, but keep in mind that White wine one of the signature ingredients is in a great risotto.

    What is your favorite wine with risotto? Let us know below.

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