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Discover the enchanting world of Croatian white wines with our excellent tasting pack, consisting of three delicious varieties: the elegant Pošip, the beloved Graševina and the internationally acclaimed Riesling. Let your taste buds be pampered by the richness and diversity of these Croatian gems.

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A tempting sample pack of three white wines from Croatia - Pošip, Graševina and Riesling - which are ready to mesmerize your taste buds.
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Immerse yourself in the delightful world of Croatian white wines with our excellent sample pack. This carefully curated selection consists of three unique and delicious wines that will tickle your taste buds. Let yourself be enchanted by the richness and diversity of Croatian wines, starting with the following three beautiful white pearls:

1. Posip: An elegant one White wine which originates on the sunny island Korcula. Posip is known for its sophisticated aroma's and fresh, vibrant taste. With its bright golden color and subtle hints of citrus fruits, peach and flowers, this wine offers an unforgettable experience for wine lovers White wine.

2. Graševina: Also known as the “Queen of Croatian wines”, is Graševina one of the most loved white grape varieties in the country. This wine is characterized by its lively acids, refreshing aroma's of green apple, pear and citrus fruits, and a pleasant one minerality. Enjoy the harmonious balance between fruitiness and freshness that this wine has to offer.

3. Riesling: An internationally acclaimed grape variety that is also brought to excellence in Croatia. This Croatian Riesling surprised with its lively acidity, lively fruity notes and a touch of floral aromas. Expect a delicious interplay of juicy peaches, ripe apricots and refreshing citrus, wrapped in an elegant structure that will enchant your taste buds.

Each wine in this tasting pack embodies the unique "terroir" of Croatia and the skill of the winemakers who have brought these beautiful wines to life. Whether you are a wine connoisseur looking for new discoveries or an enthusiast looking to start your wine journey, this tasting pack offers an excellent opportunity to experience the diversity and quality of Croatian wines. white wines to experience.

Treat yourself or surprise someone else with this refined selection and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Croatian wine.

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  1. Belinda -

    It is with great pleasure that I share my experience with this wonderful sample pack of three white Croatian wines. A true journey through the flavors of Croatia, each with its own unique character:

    1. Pošip: My taste buds were enchanted by this elegant white wine. Coming from Korčula, the Pošip transported me to sunny places with its bright golden color and subtle interplay of citrus, peach and flowers. A refreshing and vibrant experience sure to delight white wine lovers.

    2. Graševina: This “Queen of Croatian wines” lived up to her title. Vibrant acidity meets refreshing aromas of green apple, pear and citrus, intertwined with a delicate minerality. A harmonious balance between fruitiness and freshness that rightly makes this wine a favourite.

    3. Riesling: Croatia took the world famous Riesling to new heights. Vibrant acidity met fruity joy, and floral aromas gave this wine a layering that captivated me. With juicy peaches, ripe apricots and citrus notes, every sip was a dance of flavor on my tongue.

    This tasting package was an unforgettable introduction to the Croatian white wine world. Highly recommended for foodies looking for diversity and refinement in every sip. A true delight to experience and definitely a five star experience!

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