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Experience the refined harmony of Korčula's sun-drenched terroir, embodied in every complex and enchanting sip of this unique Syrah/Shiraz wine.

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Syrah from sunlit Korcula

De Syrah, also Shiraz called wine, out Korcula unites the vibrant power of Mediterranean sun rays with a harmonious palette of complexities aroma's, cultivated on the mineral-rich soils of an island steeped in centuries-old wine tradition. Experience the unique fusion of Korcula's sun-drenched "terroir" and rich, complex Syrah aroma's in every glass.

Syrah, Shiraz wine, out Korcula offers an incomparable taste experience, straight from the winery's renowned vineyards Blato 1902. Immerse yourself in the deep ruby ​​red hues and complex flavor notes that make every glass a journey to the sun-drenched shores of Croatia. Perfect for pairing with a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes, this one Syrah is the embodiment of innovation meets tradition in the world of fine wines.

Discover the unparalleled wealth of the Syrah wine out Korcula, carefully produced by the famous winery Blato 1902. A true reflection of the island itself, this wine promises a tasting experience that is both complex and refined.

Syrah / Shiraz wine from winery Blato 1902

The winery Blato 1902, nestled in the beautiful island Korcula, is known for its tradition of excellence and innovation in winemaking. The Syrah wine produced here is an ode to the island, embodiment of its rich history and vibrant culture.

Flavor Profile:

  • Nose: An intriguing mix of dark fruit, spicy pepper and subtle floral notes that welcomes you with every opened bottle.
  • Taste: The first sip reveals a harmonious symphony of blackcurrant, plum and a hint of chocolate, dancing together on the tongue.
  • Aftertaste: A long lasting aftertaste with a soft tannin structure and a hint of oak, which emphasizes the complexity and depth of this wine.


The Croatian coast, and in particular the island Korcula, offers a unique "terroir", that the Syrahgrapes provide a distinctive mineral richness and a hint of saltiness from the nearby Adriatic Sea. although Syrah is not native to Croatia, it has adapted perfectly to the local climate and soil, integrating the country's rich history and winemaking tradition into its profile.

  • Authentic Terroir: Grown in the mineral-rich soils of Korcula, this wine embodies the unique "terroir" of the island, giving it a distinctive, inimitable taste.
  • Complex Flavor Profile: With harmonious notes of dark fruit, spicy pepper and a hint of chocolate, this one offers... Syrah a rich, deep and complex taste experience.
  • Tradition and Innovation: Originating from the famous winery Blato 1902, this wine is the product of a perfect fusion of age-old traditions and modern winemaking techniques.
  • Versatile: An exceptionally versatile wine, this one Syrah is the perfect companion for a range of dishes, from grilled meats to hearty stews, complementing the richness of Mediterranean cuisines.

Perfect combinations

De Syrah Van in Blato 1902 is not only a wonderful solo experience, but also a versatile accompaniment to dishes. It pairs excellently with:

  • Grilled red meat and barbecue dishes
  • Mediterranean stews and pasta's
  • Rich, savory dishes with truffles and mushrooms

About Wijnhuis Blato 1902

Blato A name synonymous with quality and tradition in the Croatian wine world, 1902 has built a reputation for creating wines that are both authentic and modern. Their Syrah reflects their passion and dedication to winemaking, with respect for nature and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of production.

Croatia's vineyards often maintain a high level of biodiversity, where the grapes are grown alongside other indigenous and international grape varieties, promoting a healthy ecosystem and adding unique tasting notes to the wine. Croatian winemakers, such as the winery Blato 1902, combine traditional techniques with modern innovations in winemaking, making Syrah wines are created that are both authentic and fresh, a true reflection of the 'old meets new' ethos of the Croatian wine industry.

Many Croatian vineyards strive for sustainable and organic practices, prioritizing respect for the land and the environment, resulting in wines that are both tasty and environmentally friendly. Korcula enjoys a special microclimate, with abundant sunshine and regular sea breezes, which contributes to the slow ripening of the Syrah-grapes, resulting in a wine with deeper aroma's and complexity. In short, discover the unique allure of Korcula's "terroir" today!

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  1. Emma -

    Absolutely enchanting! The Syrah reveals a rich palette of spicy notes and a depth that makes every sip a party. A 5-star experience in a glass!

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