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Merlot wine in short

Quality of Merlot wine

  • Pleasant fruity aroma and taste of plums and cherries. Has little tannins, therefore also less 'pulling' dry taste in the mouth
  • Merlot from Croatia tastes much savory than Merlot from Bordeaux or California. Where the wine is grown has a big influence on the taste
  • Ideal for various dishes, such as casseroles, chicken, veal, venison or pasta
  • Merlot is a 'smooth' wine that is easy to drink
  • Rich in Antioxidants: Grapes used to make Merlot wine are rich in the antioxidant resveratrol, a polyphenol that protects cells from infection and free radical damage
  • Merlot flavor profile:
    • black cherries
    • Plums
    • Figs
    • Blackberries
    • vanilla
    • Dark chocolate

    Properties of this merlot:

    • fruity
    • Few tannin
    • Little acids
    • Easy to drink
    • Creamy
    • Ideal for beginners Red wine drinker
    • Good to combine with many dishes
    • Merlot wine of high quality

All about Merlot grape

Merlot is one of the most widely planted grape varieties in the world and it is one of the most popular red wines among wine lovers. Merlot wine is known for its smoothness and fruity plum flavor and it is often blended with other red grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon en Syrah, to produce a fuller and more complex wine. Some wonder whether merlot is red or white, the answer is quite simple: merlot is a red grape.

Merlot wine is a popular one Red wine which is widely produced and enjoyed around the world. While many people associate Merlot with France and California, there are many other regions that produce high quality Merlot wines. One such region is Dalmatia, Croatia, and in particular the island Korcula.

Merlot wine has been a favorite of wine lovers for generations. With its smooth, velvety texture and deep red color, merlot offers an unforgettable drinking experience that you won't soon forget. But what exactly is merlot wine? Let's take a closer look.

Merlot grapes are very popular, also in Croatia
Merlot grapes are very popular, also in Croatia

History of this wine

Merlot wine has a long history dating back to the 18th century in Bordeaux, France where it was first grown. The name "Merlot" comes from the French word for blackbird, "merle", because of the dark blue-black color of the grape. Merlot was originally used as a blending grape in Bordeaux, but it quickly gained popularity as a standalone variety due to its smoothness and accessibility.

The Merlot grape was introduced to the new world of wine in the 19th century, but it wasn't until the 1990s that it was widely enjoyed by many wine aficionados. Today, Merlot is grown in many countries around the world, including Croatia, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, and the United States of America.

The history of Merlot wine Dalmatia, Croatia

Merlot wine has been produced for centuries in Dalmatia, Croatia. The first mentions of Merlot cultivation on the island Korcula date back to the 19th century, when the island was under Austrian rule. The island's mild climate and fertile soil provided ideal conditions for growing Merlot grapes, and the wine quickly became a local favorite.

Over the years, the production of Merlot wine is in Dalmatia grown significantly, with many wineries focusing on producing high-quality Merlot wines that are unique "terroir" reflect the region.

Although Merlot is originally a French grape variety, it is very popular in Croatia. It has been planted in various regions of Croatia over the decades. Both in the continental part of Croatia and in the coastal areas. In Istria the Merlot even has the local grape variety, the Teran, overtaken in popularity. In addition, the Merlot is well represented in the extreme south of Croatia, especially in the vicinity of Dubrovnik and the islands on the Adriatic Sea.

The grapes lend themselves well to viticulture. It has a high yield and is not 'picky' about the soil. Grapes grow best on slopes. This grape grows best exposed to the sun and without long humid periods. Even if this ideal environment is missing, the Merlot will not be less ripe and will not give a milder quality. Even then the grape is able to give an ideal yield. It is precisely because of these “adaptable” qualities that the Merlot has successfully spread throughout Croatia.

Best Merlot wine from the Dalmatian coast of Croatia

The beautiful and sunny Croatian coastline of the Adriatic Sea is home to many great wines, including the unique and diverse varieties of Merlot.

The island Korcula in particular, has long been known as one of the best places in the world to grow and make excellent quality merlots, with its temperate climate providing ideal conditions for these grapes to thrive.

This type of wine offers a deep, complex flavor that can range from fruity and earthy to spicy and herbaceous, depending on the method of production and "terroir".

Wine regions from Dalmatia where the Merlot wine is very popular
Wine regions Dalmatia

Merlot out Korcula

Merlot's popularity lies in its versatility; it can be drunk young or aged longer to bring out more complex flavours. For those who enjoy fruity flavors like cherry or raspberry, Merlot is often mixed with Cabernet Sauvignon to create a rounder mouthfeel and a sweeter taste on the palate. On its own or blended with other grapes such as Cabernet Franc or Malbec, Merlot creates wines that have subtle earthy notes balanced with juicy fruitiness on the finish.

For winemakers looking for an interesting challenge in making their vintages, experimenting with blends of Merlot and other varietals can yield interesting results. In addition to offering various aromaStyles and flavours, depending on where it is grown and crafted from harvest to harvest, Merlot offers beautiful color variations ranging from light ruby ​​red to deep purple hues. Whether you light-body red wines or full-bodied mature styles, there's something for every palette in this medium-bodied variety.

The grapes of this Merlot are grown on the Croatian coast, in Dalmatia. To be precise in the vineyards on the Croatian island Korcula through the house Blato 1902. The winery is a small wine corporation that takes great care in making their wines. Thanks to this attention that the winegrower puts into this wine, it has won several awards. Both in Croatia and abroad (Italy, Austria and Germany).

Characteristics of Merlot wine

Merlot wine is known for its softness, low tannins and fruity flavours. It is a medium-bodied wine that is easy to drink, making it an excellent choice for novice and experienced wine enthusiasts alike. The main flavors in Merlot wine are plum, cherry, blackberry and chocolate, with subtle hints of vanilla and oak.

The grapes used to make this type of wine are mainly grown in Bordeaux, France, but also in other parts of the world. Merlot grapes are plump and have a dark blue skin when ripe. The taste of merlot can range from spicy and herbaceous to fruity with notes of plum, cherry and even chocolate.

Merlot wine is usually aged in oak barrels, which give a smooth and creamy texture to the wine, as well as additional flavors and aromas. The ripening process also helps to improve the tannins in the wine, making it even more accessible and enjoyable to drink.

Characteristics of Merlot Wine from Dalmatia, Croatia

Merlot wine Dalmatia, Croatia is known for its rich, full flavor and deep, dark color. The wine is usually aged in oak barrels, which add extra flavors and aromaadd ingredients such as vanilla, spices and smoke.

One of the unique characteristics of Merlot wine Dalmatia is the influence of the "terroir" of the region on the flavor profile of the wine. The rocky bottom of the island Korcula, combined with the salty sea air and the hot Mediterranean sun, creates a unique taste unlike any other Merlot wine in the world. The wine has a pronounced minerality reminiscent of the rocky terrain of the island and a subtle saltiness that reflects on the sea air.

Benefits of Croatian Merlot from Korcula

In addition to its unique taste, drinking Merlot wine from the island Korcula some health benefits too! First, it contains tannins which help protect against some diseases by binding to proteins in our cells. Merlot, for example, contains flavonoids that help protect against cardiovascular disease by reducing inflammation and cholesterol levels in the body.

In addition, research has shown that moderate consumption of this type of alcohol can help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer due to antioxidants such as procyanidins present in it. Finally, drinking one or two glasses is even associated with improved cognitive function in older adults over time!

The flavor profile

In Slavonia and the Danube region the wine has a full rich pleasant fruity aromaespecially plums. In Istria the wine is more similar to the original, from the right bank of the Gironde (Bordeaux).

There are a number of wines where, in the absence of the acids, the tannin content is 'supplemented' by coupage with 10% Cabernet Franc or another grape variety rich in acids and tannins. The acids and tannins of this wine are emphasized more when the wine is still young, so a slow maturation of the Merlot is important.

The success of this wine can be found in the high yields. The Merlot is often also referred to as vintage used as coupage with other grape varieties.

Difference with the French variant

Croatian Merlot is different from French Merlot due to several factors such as climate, soil type and viticultural techniques:

  • Firstly, Croatia has a Mediterranean climate with influences from the sea, while the Bordeaux region in France has a more maritime climate. This means that the grapes in Croatia get more hours of sunshine and therefore more sugar build up, resulting in wines with a higher alcohol content. In addition, due to the warm temperatures in Croatia, the grapes are riper at harvest than in Bordeaux.
  • Secondly, the soil type in Croatia is mainly limestone, while the soil type in Bordeaux is mainly clay. This affects the taste of the wine, wines from calcareous soils often have a higher acidity and more mineral flavors.
  • Third, viticultural techniques in Croatia can be different than in Bordeaux. For example, some Croatian vintners use modern techniques such as using stainless steel tanks instead of oak barrels for aging. This can affect the taste of the wine and creates a unique taste.

In summary, Croatian Merlot is different from French Merlot due to differences in climate, soil type and viticultural techniques. This makes the taste of the wine unique and different from French Merlot.

The terroir and soil in Dalmatia

Serving tip for wine

with your van or Red wine and so Merlot is often said to be best drunk at room temperature. However, a Merlot is best served at a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees. This helps to bring out the flavors of the wine better and ensures an optimal taste experience. It is also important to properly decant Merlot wine, this helps to develop the flavors better and ensures a finer taste.

Merlot wines are excellent for combining with a certain wine gerecht or snack. However, there is a difference between Merlot from the cooler areas and Merlot from the warmer areas. You should take this into account when choosing a particular combination. Merlot from the cooler areas are best suited to serve with steak, pasta and chicken dishes. Merlot from warmer areas goes better with roasted meat, such as a hamburger from the BBQ. This creamier and fruitier Merlot is also a good combination with a cheese board.

Bottom Line Merlot wine is a versatile grape variety with a unique taste. The influence of the winemaker, the climate and location, the aging in the bottle, the dazzle with other grape varieties, and the winefood combination are all factors that affect the taste of Merlot wine. By considering these factors, you can select the perfect Merlot wine to suit your taste preference and the gerecht that you want to serve. Merlot wine is also a good choice for wine lovers looking for a wine with a good balance between fruitiness and softness. Merlot wine is also a good choice for those looking for a wine that is easy to combine with various dishes.

Combining Merlot wine with dishes

Merlot wine is a versatile wine that goes well with a wide variety of dishes. Due to its softness and fruitiness, it goes perfectly with grilled meat, roasted chicken, pasta dishes and tomato sauces. It also goes well with soft cheeses, such as Brie or Camembert, and chocolate desserts.

When pairing Merlot wine with food, it is important to consider the intensity of the flavours. Lighter Merlots go best with lighter dishes, while fuller Merlots go well with heartier meals. In general, Merlot wine is an excellent choice for meals that are not too spicy or highly seasoned.

Food pairings with Merlot wine Dalmatia, Croatia

Merlot wine Dalmatia, Croatia goes well with a variety of dishes. Its full flavor and tannins make it an excellent choice for rich, flavorful dishes such as lamb or beef stews, grilled meats and hearty pasta dishes. The minerality and saltiness of the wine also make it well suited for fish dishes, such as grilled octopus or fried fish.

When pairing Merlot wine out Dalmatia with food it is important to consider the intensity of the flavors. The wine's full flavor can easily drown out lighter dishes, so it's best paired with dishes that have a strong flavor and rich textures.

How Merlot of Korcula to combine with food

Merlot from the island Korcula tastes best with well-seasoned dishes such as grilled meat or fish. The meat dishes with a sweet sauce, such as duck breast with a sauce of Red wine or a wild boar ragout, go well with Merlot wine. The fruitiness and spiciness add an extra layer of complexity that goes perfectly with any savory meal!

Combine with cheese

Besides the fact that Merlot goes great with meat dishes, it is also an excellent choice to combine with cheese. The soft tannins and fruity flavors of Merlot are perfectly balanced with the creamy texture and savory taste of cheese. A number of cheeses with which the merlot can be combined well:

  • A good one cheese to combine with Merlot, for example, is Gouda, a Dutch one cheese with a mild, nutty flavor that is not overpowering and pairs well with the wine's subtle fruity notes. a
  • Other options include Cheddar, Brie, and Camembert, all of which pair well with Merlot flavors and make drinking this wine a delightful experience.
Wine is ideal to combine with different dishes
Wine is ideal to combine with different dishes

Alternative combinations

Alternatively, if you're looking for something sweet - chocolate desserts also pair well with this type of wine due to their richness and sweetness that complement each other perfectly. Merlot is not only a great wine to pair with meat and cheese, but it also goes very well with chocolate. The soft tannins of Merlot and its fruity flavors make a great counterpoint to the sweet and rich flavors of chocolate. So how about a combination of merlot and chocolate:

  • It is recommended to choose dark chocolate with a higher cocoa content, as the bitterness of the chocolate goes well with the fruity and rich flavors of Merlot. In addition, milk chocolate and white chocolate also go well with Merlot.
  • A few delicious chocolates to combine with Merlot are, for example, dark chocolate with orange or raspberries, milk chocolate with caramel, or white chocolate with lemon or coconut.

Combining Merlot and chocolate is a great way to enjoy the rich and complex flavors of both treats. So next time you're planning dinner - why not opt ​​for a delicious Merlot from the Croatian island Korcula?

Overall, when it comes to enjoying the best wines the Croatian coast has to offer – nothing really compares to Merlots from Korcula! With their bold yet balanced flavours, they truly embody the spirit (and taste!) of this region perfectly!

Why is Merlot very popular?

Merlot wine from Croatia is a unique addition to the global wine market. This wine is produced in several regions of Croatia, including Istria en Dalmatia. Merlot grapes are grown here in a Mediterranean climate with influences from the sea, resulting in a complex taste of the wine. The wines are often rich in fruit aromalike cherries and berries, with a soft aftertaste.

The winegrowers in Croatia have years of experience in growing Merlot grapes and have developed the techniques to achieve the best quality. The grapes are harvested at the right time to achieve optimum ripeness. The wine is then aged in oak barrels, enriching the taste of the wine even more.

Merlot wine from Croatia is a good choice for wine lovers looking for a wine with a unique taste. This wine is a good combination with dishes with meat, such as red meat or game, or with cheese dishes. This wine is also a good choice to pair with dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine, such as pasta dishes or dishes with fish.

A popular variety for winemakers

The production of wine is a matter of skill. Every year, winemakers try to grow the perfect grape and achieve the best quality. However, because the Merlot grape is large and productive, there is a risk of overproduction and thin wines. That is why it is important that winemakers pay close attention to the harvest.

In addition, the location where the grapes are grown also plays an important role, the type of soil, the climate, the sun and wind exposure are all factors that influence the taste of the wine. The techniques used by the winemaker during production, such as the fermentation temperature, the wood aging, and the time the wine is allowed to mature in the bottle, all have their own influence on the taste.

Influence of climate and location

Merlotgrapes grow in many different areas around the world, from the Bordeaux region of France to California in the United States. Each area has its own unique climate and soil type, which affects the taste of the wine.

Merlot from cooler climates, such as the Bordeaux region, often has higher acidity and less alcohol than Merlot from warm climates, such as California. This often makes Merlot from cooler climates more suitable for pairing with dishes.

Effect of bottle aging

Merlot wine provides softness in the taste. This wine matures quickly and can therefore be drunk quickly, but can also be stored for a long time. The color changes from cherry red to warm brown red and the taste goes from intensely fruity with aromafrom figs, blackberries, red currants and a hint of chocolate, to more earthy flavors with hints of truffle. The aging in the bottle can also refine and enrich the taste of the wine, giving the wine beautiful complex flavors.

Influence of it dazzle

Because Merlot not so much tannin it is used to soften tannic wines. Merlot's main blending partner is Cabernet Sauvignon. The most famous blend from the Bordeaux region is therefore the blend from Merlot with Cabernet Sauvignon. Both grapes are very fruity, but the Merlot grape provides the refinement blend. This combination is often used in the Bordeaux region, where these grape varieties grow abundantly. This one blend is often regarded as one of the best wines in the world.

But also other wines that are rich in acids and tannin go well with Merlot, such as Grenache and Syrah-grapes. This creates completely different beautiful wines, each with its own unique taste. By dazzle with other grape varieties, Merlot wine often takes on a more complex flavor and better structure.

Conclusion on Merlot

Merlot wine is a delicious and accessible wine that is enjoyed worldwide by wine enthusiasts. The softness, low tannins and fruity flavors make it a great choice for those new to Red wine, but also for those who appreciate an easy-to-drink wine.

Merlot wine Dalmatia, Croatia, and in particular the island Korcula, is a unique and delicious wine loved by wine lovers worldwide. The rich, full flavor and unique "terroir" make it a must-try for any wine lover. Whether enjoyed on its own or with eten is combined, Merlot wine from Dalmatia is sure to delight the palate and offer a unique taste of the region's rich history and culture.

Whether enjoyed on its own or with eten is combined, Merlot is a versatile wine that is sure to surprise the taste buds. So next time you're looking for a delicious and accessible Red wine, try a Merlot.

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    This Merlot from Korcula stuns with its deep, ruby ​​red color and harmonious flavors of dark cherries and plums, rounded off with a subtle hint of spice. A real treat for every wine lover!

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