Zweigelt is a recognizable, refined and smooth wine that is characterized by a pronounced and appealing aroma of cherries.

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Zweigelt wine in short

  • Velvety and fruity in the mouth and a nice soft tannin structure
  • Elegant red colored with a powerful aroma of blackcurrants and cherries
  • many aromaIdeal with various meat dishes and spicy dishes
  • Juicy, smooth doubts wine with lots of cherries and blackberries aromathat you can do a lot with
  • Pleasant long intense aftertaste, very pleasant delicate acidity
  • Matured in large oak barrels

Origin of the Zweigelt

Zweigelt is an originally Austrian blue grape variety that was developed by Fritz in 1922 Zweigelt from the Federal Institute for Wine Culture in Klosterneuburg, Austria. It is a crossing of the St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch.

Due to its qualities, it is one of the most common blue grape varieties in Austrian viticulture. Because the grape has proven itself as a great wine, this grape is also planted in neighboring countries such as Croatia, especially in eastern Croatia, Slavonia and the wine region along the Danube.

This doubts wine from the winery Erdut wine is made from the grapes of the same name, which are only allowed to grow in selected places in the vineyards along the Danube.

Zweigelt; the best of both worlds

Zweigelt wine has both from the best worlds in it, from the Blaufränkisch does the wine have the tannins inherited and from the St. Laurent the meatiness. It is often drunk young, but some wines can be finished oak barrels ripen well. Because the grape has the best of both, the newly created variety is loved by many thanks to the qualities of both the St. Laurent and the Blaufränkisch.

Smooth, sultry and elegant Zweigelt

As well as other wines along the Danube has the Zweigelt also a supple and sultry wine with an elegant spiciness, lots of cherry fruit and delicateness acids. light refrigerated presents this Zweigelt itself from its most satin side and can be wine-food technically more than you think. Especially with refined spiced dishes, this wine can go with both screw as meat play a nice supporting role.

The color of the wine is dark purple, with a pleasant scent of cherries, strawberries and fresh green herbs. It is characterized by the ripe fruit tones such as plums, cherries, pleasant acidity and nice pepper notes. The whole is rounded off by buttery soft tannins. An elegant and medium-long finish with a nice spiciness.

With Zweigelt wine in all directions

De Zweigelt is a wine that can go in many directions. The wine can tolerate some oxygen decant is possible. Decanting is allowed for a period of 30 minutes and light refrigerated to serve. This wine is also delicious on warm days cooling!

In short, it is an exceptionally harmonious good wine with a long and pleasant aftertaste. In the nose intense scents of plums, cherries and currants. The finish is long and intense. Beautifully pure and with a very pleasant delicateness acidity.

What dishes to combine with Zweigelt wine

Due to the maturation in ancient oak barrels the wine reaches a surprising peak of harmony. This wine is best with sharp and strong dishes of red meat and game. The best serving temperature is around 16 °C. In addition, this one doubts wine ideal to combine with easy small dishes such as tapas, antipasti, carpaccio and salads.

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23 reviews for Zweigelt

  1. Dorothy -

    Zweigelt wine as Zweigelt should taste, namely powerful, ruby ​​red in color tasteful, slightly spicy, nicely round and good balance in tannins and fruit contains a cherry scent

  2. Simone -

    very fine wine this one is sweet, pleasantly fruity to drink well

  3. Szabo Ferenc -

    Kiváló minőségű!Kapcsolat, küldjenek egy E-mail cimet !

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