A long tradition of winemaking and selected grapes have given us the Teran wine. A wine with a garnet red shine, characteristic aromas, refined and pleasantly balanced and harmonious in taste. Aged in wooden barrels. Ideal to serve at a temperature between 16 and 18°C.

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teran wine from Croatia in brief:

  • Ripe full taste with sun-ripened fruit and pleasant tannins
  • Aromatic and flavorful profile reminiscent of Mediterranean fruits such as plums and berries
  • Multiple awards won worldwide
  • Perfectly balanced and elegant wine with a specific character that reflects its origin
  • Ideal with spicy dishes, cheese, meats, game dishes and fatty screw
  • A real Croatian grape variety
  • Grapes are picked by hand

Teran grape from Istria

The Teran wine from Croatia should not be confused with the Italian Terrano wine. Teran grape is a real authentic indigenous grape variety (variety) from the Croatian peninsula Istria. Teran is mainly found in western Istria† It is a late-ripening variety and grows in large clusters of tightly packed berries. The berries of the Teran grapes have a thick skin and a deep ruby ​​red color.

Teran is an indigenous Istrian wine. Until recently, it was only considered an adopted breed, more precisely a subspecies of the Italian Refosco, which is incorrect. Recently published DNA analyzes have finally identified the differences between these two similar varieties.

In Croatia, the Teran especially thrives in Istria, where it is the main red grape. It grows on both Terre Rosse (red ferrous soil) and Terre Bianche (white calcareous soil). Croatians usually make full and robust wines from this grape with shades ranging from ruby ​​red to purple. The unique characteristics of these wines are noticeable acidity and a slight astringency that gives an interesting sensation in the mouth.

The aroma is typically spicy, with notes such as pepper and cloves. Due to its high content of polyphenols (mainly tannins and anthocyanins) it is also said to be good for health, if drunk in moderation.

Properties of Croatian Teran Wine

The main characteristics of Teran as a breed are a high acidity, sometimes more than 10 g/l and a high percentage of antociens, giving it a fine, dark ruby ​​red color with purple hues, and a fairly rich extract that depends on yield and position. Teran's bouquet is very specific and easily recognisable.

It is usually reminiscent of ripe blackberries with an abundance of vegetal undertones, such as ferns and sometimes bell peppers, and also a smell of fresh flesh, when still young. In recent decades it has slowly lagged behind the more elaborate French varieties, such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon en Merlot. In comparison: the quality used to be less.

When it was first introduced to the market, it had a history as a rather sour wine with a refreshing character but without any pretentious ambitions. Fortunately, the situation has changed somewhat in recent years, thanks to the fact that the leading Istrian wine producers have managed to produce remarkable wines that surpass the majority of the leading international counterparts.

Taste of Teran wine from Istria

The main factors were a reduction in annual yields, harvesting at the most appropriate time and the aging process in barrique barrels. The acidity is such that they do not cause bitterness in the mouth, although there is a pleasant residue, with the color changing from ruby ​​red to a deeper shade, thanks to higher extracts and alcohol, making for a more round and full-bodied wine.

Sophisticated tannins add stress to the character. Ultimately, the wine has an excellent ripening perspective; currently it is a known fact that 10 years contin. A bright and lively wine with great potential for aging improvement.

Drinking temperature

Teran wines are best drunk at a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and taste great with game dishes such as red meat in combination with truffles and pasta dishes with truffles or cured hams. In addition, some cheese products from Croatian producers are aged in Teran wines. All in all, thanks to its abundant flavor properties and many culinary uses, this grape is a great addition to any vinophile collection.

Combine with eten

Teran wines are best drunk at 18 degrees Celsius and go perfectly with game dishes, red meat with truffles, pasta with truffle and cured hams. There will also be cheese produced in Croatia and aged in Teran.

A fragile grape

The vine needs a lot of sun, but little water. It is a grape that is sensitive to too much sun, which can cause it to burn. Too much moisture in the air is also not good for the grape, so this grape can go through the gray schimmel (Botrytis) are attacked.

Before phylloxera struck in the early 20th century, Teran had spread over a significantly wider area than it does today. Today we only find it in Istria and in smaller quantities in Slovenia and Italy, while in the past it included the coastal area and all Kvarner islands.

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4 reviews for teran

  1. Jean Frederic -

    Super Teran wine, super wine from Istria. Truly a classic

  2. Hans -

    Good Teran from Istria, Croatia

  3. Jola -

    Also had this Teran and the Istarska Malvazija on holiday in Istria last year, good wines and now here again, delicious

  4. Petar -

    This Teran from Istria is a great wine

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