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Blaufränkisch - Frankovka has a distinctive taste of ripe berries and dark chocolate.

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Frankovka (Blaufränkisch) in brief

  • Dark red color with some shades of black cherries
  • striking aromaRipe berries and dark chocolate
  • A flavor profile of a light Red wine with aroma's of pepper, gooseberries, red fruit and a moderate acidity
  • Ideal wine for hearty dishes with red meat and a good Stew with game

Frankovka (Blaufränkisch) well-maintained wine

De Blaufränkisch is a well-kept wine of dark red color. It has an average alcohol content with pleasant acids. This one Blaufränkisch from the winery Erdut has a distinctive taste of ripe berries and dark chocolate.

This Dry wine obtains its unique taste because it can mature in oak barrels in ancient cellars of the Erdut vineyard. Thanks to the primary acids en aromaThis wine is ideal with hearty, full dishes. In addition, it is also an ideal wine in warmer weather because it is fruity and light. This makes it a popular wine with connoisseurs.

Austrian grape

Blaufränkisch is an originally Austrian grape variety where it is mostly planted in Burgenland and near the Neusiedlermeer. In Croatia the . is Blaufränkisch known by the name Frankovka. Blaufränkisch is a very popular Austrian grape variety. In Germany this wine is lemberger called while in Hungary it is known as Kékfrankos.

Because the Blaufränkisch has adapted well to the continental climate in Austria, it thrives very well in the continental part of Croatia. Thanks to the fertile soil along the Danube with a lot minerals state the Blaufränkisch from Croatia known for its pleasant earthy character. This makes this grape popular with many winegrowers.

Popular Wine in Croatia

De Frankovka grape is a grape variety that ripens quite late. Of the Frankovka grapes are made in Croatia high quality wines. The wine is appreciated for its pronounced fruity aroma and good flavor structure.

This Blaufränkisch has a aroma of black cherries, as well as those of ripe berries and dark chocolate formed during maturation in the age-old cellars of the Erdut winery. This Frankovka is full of flavor with pleasant tannin'S.

Blaufränkisch/Frankovka along the Danube

The top winery Erdut is located at the Danube and cultivates the vineyards that have been valued for centuries. This one Blaufränkisch uit Erdut is a light one Red wine with aromas of pepper, gooseberries, red fruit and moderate acidity. The Frankovka has an intense black-red color.

All in all, this makes this wine an ideal wine for red meat dishes and a good one Stew with game meat. In short, a wine that you can use in many ways.

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27 reviews for Blaufränkisch (Frankovka)

  1. Arthur Oostveen -

    Black berries and blackberries and the mild tannins are nice in colder weather

  2. Judith -

    Truly a wine to enjoy in the fall.

  3. Elizabeth -

    It was ok, not great but not bad either, laying a little bit cold

  4. Rose -

    A spicy pinch of white pepper and a nice clove bitter

  5. Helga -

    A little young wine, I think it's mediocre

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